rap_mogul (rap_mogul) wrote in headphonehair,

Call for entries

The Third Coast International Audio Festival is calling for entries for its short docs competition. Entrants this year will find "99 Ways to Tell a Story," using the following elements within the composition:

> An opening sentence ("To begin with, they never got along.")
> 3 specific sounds (pre-recorded voice, a rhythmic noise, an exclamation)
> A time limit (2 min 30 sec)

These pieces turn out really cool when they're done, and not only do the winners get to present, but they often wind up on "This American Life." Entries can be fiction, nonfiction, linear, nonlinear - the point is to innovate within the given framework.

Learn more: http://www.thirdcoastfestival.org/shortdocs_2006_archive.asp
Tags: competition, production
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